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Add some Slinky Slime To Your Science Party

Slinky Slime

For Boys & Girls -  5 -12 years old

After 1 hour of exciting, mind-boggling interactive experiments and games. Why not extend the fun for a further 1/2 hour with our Chemical Reactions - Slinky-Slime Molecules Experience.

It’s got to be said, Slinky-Slime is one of our most popular Science Rocks 'Make-it, Take-it, Home Packages. We'll gather round a large table (please provide) so we're engaged with the children, offering our assistance and answering questions throughout the party. They'll have great fun exploring polymers and molecules, focusing on the change in colour and consistency when various are added.

We offer red, yellow, pink, green, blue and more, a fluorescent rainbow of awesome colours. So come on, let’s ‘make some stretchy ooey, gooey slimy goo to add to their explosive 1 hour science party.

Our LunarTechie will help your children to create non-toxic, safe to handle, long slimy polymer chain reactions, culminating in making their very own coloured slinky-slime with sparkling glitter, wrapped, packed and ready to take home for continued fun - a lasting memory of a fantastic party.

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