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Add Food Technology To Your Science Party

Sweet Science

For Boys & Girls - 6-12 years old

After 1 hour of exciting mind-boggling experiments and games. Why not extend the fun for a further 1/2 hour with our yummy-yummy-in-your-tummy Food Technology 'Sweet' Science Package.

Throughout our Food Technology 'Sweet' Science party, the children will sample the taste of the different ingredients, that go into making Sherbet Dip at various stages during the process, commenting on the flavour and texture, then discussing how heat sources change the appearance of our food, creating chemical reactions throughout for them to taste and sample with their friends.

We'll look at how method transforms the food we eat - taking a closer look at the stages our favourite foods go through before they hit the Supermarkets.

Our experienced LunarTechie will transform the children into science confectioners, answering all their questions on 'how do they make Sherbet Dip taste so good?' 'How much heat do we need for Popcorn to pop?' We'll continue to enjoy the fun of the fair with this yummy relevant science theme. They'll make Sherbet with Lollypops to dip along with scrumptious Popcorn, wrapped and packed ready to take home with them.

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