Electric Energy
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Add Electric Energy To Your Science Party

For Boys & Girls - 8 -12 years old

After 1 hour of exciting mind-boggling experiments and games. Why not extend the fun for a further 1/2 hour with our Electrifying Electric Energy Science Package.

The fascinating world of electricity started with a spark, creating our awesome world of technology. If your child would like to get handy with currents and we don’t mean the ones found in buns, then why not add Electric Energy to their science party.

Our skilled LunarTechie will trigger and spark their imagination with their amazing flow of energy, using some unusual items (lemons and potatoes) as our source of energy. We then move on to the science of electricity and circuits, detecting small amounts of electricity that travel across the skin with our electric sensors - amazing safe science for children to enjoy.

Once the children are all fired-up it'll be time to put together their very own working clock ready to take home. So if they like hair-raising events then let them enter the fascinating world of Electric Energy!

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