Dry Ice Party
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Add Dry Ice To Your Science Party

For Boys & Girls – 5 -12 years old

You can’t take this one home with you - but dry ice is terrific fun, because there really isn't anything quite like it. So after 1 hour of exciting, mind-boggling scientific experiments and games, why not add a dry ice fog to your science party by entering our hocus-pocus science laboratory.

Gloves or mittens must be worn if you dare to enter:

Our Lunar Techie will discuss CO2, sublimation and gas, while your children are dazzled with the fun and mystery of carbon dioxide that lays within dry ice, creating enough pressure to expand balloons, grow enormous bubbles and jump with laughter when our combustion canisters hit the roof. 
If you’re planning a scary monsters party, the children will love getting busy with dry ice, creating dramatic effects with our Chemical ‘Cold’ Reactions and an eerie, scary graveyard scene with creepy-crawly bubble monsters and enormous coloured bubbling potions. Dry ice will even blow the candles out on your birthday cake – in a puff of vapour.

Mum’s you're welcome to add a little dry ice to your volcano cake.

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