Voyage of Discovery
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Voyage of Discovery

Under The Sea

3-5 year olds - boys & girls
(45 minutes - 1 hour) - Price on request

Science Rocks believes preschoolers are at the beginning of an incredible journey, ready to unravel the mysteries of our world.

As science facilitators we enjoy nothing more than engaging with their perceptive minds and encouraging the joy of discovery through natures amazing science.

We invite you to jump aboard while we take your little ones on a journey under the sea, where they’ll spin and whirl in the vortex of the storms, do battle with the pirates, fight to keep warm, dive deep under the ocean to find the hidden treasure, returning to shore with pockets full of gold, where the mystery of our journey will gradually unfold.

To arrange your child's party or nursery school visit call us on freephone 0800 043 3321 (or free from a mobile: 0333 577 7122) to discuss our preschoolers package.