Cosmetic Beauty
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Add Cosmetic Beauty To Your Science Party

For Boys & Girls - 7 -12 years old

After 1 hour of exciting, mind-boggling interactive experiments and games. Why not extend the fun for a further 1/2 hour with our dazzling Cosmetic Beauty Experience.

Cosmetic beauty products are found in most shops even in our supermarkets, but have you ever wondered who makes them? Scientists of course, so we invite your children to enter the fascinating world of cosmetic beauty, by adding an extra 1/2 hour to your science party. They'll continue the fun by creating their very own organic beauty products from our 'Make-it, Take-it Home Science Rocks Beauty Range. It's their choice, so let them take their pick from one of the following options: Bath bombs, Lip balm or Hair gel.

The children along with their friends will follow a step-by-step demonstration, offering plenty of support for each discerning cosmetic beauty scientist - Their bath bomb, strawberry lip balm or hair gel will be gift wrapped for them and their guests to take home.

Cosmetic Beauty offers relevant science (found in everyday products) helping to broaden young creative minds. We'll ask the children to gather round a large table (please provide) where we'll offer hands-on scientific beauty fun that they can explore. They'll be supervised throughout the process of making their favourite products whilst having open discussions on the world of cosmetics along with smell, colour and texture.

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