Apollo Space
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Add Apollo Space To Your Science Party

For Boys & Girls - 7-12 years old

After 1 hour of exciting, mind-boggling experiments and games. Why not extend the fun for a further 1/2 hour with our amazing Apollo Space Experience.

The children will be accompanied by our experienced LunarTechie, who will take that giant leap into space to explore the mystery of our planets, so they can imagine what it would be like to live in a world without gravity.

Your child and guests will join us on our quest to explore the planets, 'Is there life on Mars?' 'What do Astronauts eat?' 'Do Aliens really exist?'

Well at a Science Rocks party they do, they will make their very own Alien Spacecraft to take home in their party bag and taste astronauts vacuum packed NASA Space Mission Food.

But the party doesn't end without a BANG!! - Yes we have lift-off to celebrate, sending a special birthday rocket to the moon and beyond.*

*Rockets can only be launched on a fine day, in an open space, preferably a field without over hanging trees that may cause obstruction.


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